Abstract: Dongguan Libo Technology Co., Ltd. is a small brand manufacturer of plate suction cranes. It mainly produces and sells small plate suction cranes and other products. Small plate suction cranes have favorable prices and good performance. They are sold throughout the country and are mainly sold to Dongguan, Shenzhen, Guangdong , Guangzhou, Huizhou, Shanghai and other places.
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Small plate suction crane


300-1000KG sheet suction hoist function: absorption and translation load bearing: 300-1000kg action: horizontal suction and hoist handling, used for horizontal handling procedures of various horizontal machines, such as: laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, flame cutting

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300-1000KG sheet suction crane

The vacuum plate suction hoist is a fast, safe and convenient automatic equipment. It uses the principle of vacuum adsorption to use a vacuum pump or a vacuum blower as a vacuum source to generate a vacuum at the suction cup end, so as to firmly suck up various workpieces and pass The rotatable robotic arm transports the workpiece to the designated position. It is fast, safe and convenient.

Function: absorb pan

Bearing weight: 300-1000kg

The action is: horizontal suction and lifting, used in the horizontal handling process of all kinds of horizontal machines, such as: laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, flame cutting machine, water jet cutting machine, and other horizontal equipment.

Vacuum cranes are almost omnipotent, whether you need to stack boxes, or upload barrels to trucks, or stack metal sheets or wood, or move stone or furniture-use vacuum cranes to move the total Will be your better handling solution. Carrying with a vacuum hoist is faster, more ergonomic and safer.

For those who have to move heavy objects, investing in a vacuum hoist is an investment in health. It eliminates diseases such as bone and joint strain caused by laborers lifting and unloading heavy objects, and thus improves the motivation and production quality of employees.

Dongguan Libo Technology Co., Ltd. supplies products and hollow wire suction cranes, etc. You are welcome to inquire.

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