Abstract: Dongguan Libo Technology Co., Ltd. is a compact brand manufacturer of glass suction cranes. It mainly produces and sells glass suction cranes and other products. The compact glass suction cranes have favorable prices and good performance. They are sold throughout the country and are mainly sold in Guangdong Dongguan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Shanghai and other places.
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Simplified glass suction crane


200-600KG Glass Suction Crane Simplified Load Bearing: 200-600KG Battery Suction Crane: The action is 360 degrees of rotation and 90 degrees of rotation. Used for vertical or flat suction and hanging installation of various curtain wall glass. Suitable for unit curtain wall,

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200-600KGGlass suction craneCompact

Bearing capacity: 200-600KG

Battery-type suction hoist: the action is to rotate 360 ​​degrees and flip 90 degrees. Used for vertical or flat suction and hanging installation of various curtain wall glass. Suitable for unit curtain wall, full glass curtain wall, hidden frame glass curtain wall, exposed frame glass curtain wall, hollow, laminated, tempered curtain wall glass suction and hanging installation.

The vacuum spreader mainly relies on the vacuum source to evacuate the air inside the suction cup to generate a vacuum. Generally, the suction cup is made of silica gel, natural rubber, nitrile rubber, etc., which can complete the non-damaging handling or loading of materials such as plates and glass.

Electric glass suction cups are mainly used to transport glass for curtain wall glass installation, hollow glass secondary processing and framing, hollow glass handling, tempered glass deep processing and handling, and glass transfer in the workshop. The suction cup can be rotated manually by 360 degrees and can be tilted and turned manually by 90 degrees. The suction cup hanger is an ideal tool for handling flat glass.


1. More stable control system-safe and secure

2. No need for external power supply and air source-convenient choice

3. Suction cup and rack telescopic movement-classic combination

After numerous customer verifications and continuous improvement of the process, we strive to create a safer and better-use curtain wall glass suction crane.

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