How to deal with common faults of electric suction cups?


Any equipment often has some faults in the process of use, and electric suction cups are no exception. The causes and phenomena of the corresponding faults are different, and the repair methods are also different. The editor of Dongguan Libo Technology Co., Ltd. will take a look at the electric Some faults and solutions that suckers often present, I hope they can bring you some help.

1. Electric suction cup has small suction power

1. Long use time, aging of magnetic steel → need to return to the factory for repair;

2. Due to various reasons, the suction cup work surface is not flat → check regularly, and polish the surface after a period of use;

3. The sucker is extremely huge and the workpiece is too small → choose dense pole electric sucker or dense pole electromagnetic sucker;

4. Low magnetic permeability of the workpiece → use dense pole electric chuck or dense pole electromagnetic chuck;

5. The workpiece is displaced during milling and planing → the external processing fixture or baffle chooses powerful electric suction cups.

Second, the suction cup has no suction

1. The internal structure is damaged, no magnetic field can be generated, so there is no suction → need to return to the factory for repair;

2. The workpiece is made of non-magnetic material → the electric suction cup cannot be held.

Three, switch weight

1. Long use time → need to return to the factory for repair;

2. It is unnecessary to go back to the factory for repair for a long time after use

3. The internal structure is damaged → need to return to the factory for repair.

Fourth, the electric suction cup has residual magnetism

1. The workpiece is magnetized during the holding process → demagnetize the workpiece;

2. Because of the coolant in the machining process, the workpiece is adsorbed on the suction cup → push the workpiece to move.

The above-mentioned common faults of electric suction cups should be dealt with. The editor has introduced here. I believe you have already understood it. If you have any other questions, please contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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