Analysis and treatment of common failures of vacuum hoist


We all know that the vacuum hoist uses a vacuum pump to pump air to evacuate the gas in the suction cup, creating a strong attraction to firmly adsorb the object on the suction cup, and then complete the stacking or handling operation, but the equipment All components will eventually have various failures, so how to solve it? Let's take a look together below.

1. The temperature of the pump is too high

Problem analysis: the intake and exhaust filters are blocked or the oil filter is blocked; the amount of oil in the oil tank is insufficient or the oil is overheated and deteriorated, and the cooling fan is damaged;

Solution: clean or replace the intake filter, oil filter, and exhaust filter; check the oil level of the fuel tank, if the oil level is insufficient, refuel or replace with new oil; check the cooling effect of the cooling fan, and deal with any problems.

2. The pumping speed is too slow

Problem analysis: the air inlet or the air inlet pipe is blocked;

Solution: Clean the intake pipe to clean or replace the intake filter; the exhaust filter is clogged to replace the exhaust filter; the diameter of the vacuum pipe connecting the suction cup is too small or the pipe is too long, use a connecting pipe with a large or short diameter.

3. Vacuum solenoid valve is not sensitive or does not change direction

Problem analysis: accidental collisions that may occur during the production process, aging and wear of electromechanical components, large dust on the production site, etc. The valve body is deformed, the spool valve is stuck, the centering spring is broken, the sealing ring is damaged, the solenoid coil is burned, and the electrical The reversing valve does not work due to damage to the circuit;

Solution: Replace the vacuum solenoid valve.

4. Vacuum suction cup

Problem analysis: The suction cup of the vacuum hoist is made of rubber, which is prone to wear and deformation due to direct contact with plates and other objects during production. In actual work, it sometimes collides with objects, causing lip cracking and damage and air permeability; debris on the bottom surface of the suction cup, cracking and aging of the rubber, etc., will also cause loose contact between the suction cup and the plate and affect Improved sealing performance, resulting in a decrease in vacuum;

Solution: Remove the debris on the suction cup and replace the suction cup.

5. Other factors

Problem analysis: Loose fixing screws of the cantilever beam or deformation of the U-shaped connector can form a larger gap between the cantilever beam and the main beam, which causes the height of the suction cup after lifting and reduces the suction capacity of the suction cup. When this happens, be sure to tighten the cantilever screws firmly. If there is still a gap after tightening, add a gasket under the U-shaped connector to eliminate it. It is better that the installation position of each sucker connecting rod on the beam is the same, otherwise the height of the sucker will be different, which will also affect the carrying capacity of the sucker, so it must be adjusted. The long-term use of the vacuum connecting hose will cause aging cracks, collapse, and loose joint sealing, which can directly cause the vacuum system to ventilate, which is also one of the main reasons that affect the degree of vacuum.

In short, the vacuum hoist is prone to equipment failure and safety hazards during use. If it is not diagnosed and repaired in time, the lighter will affect the production progress and product quality, and the severer will likely cause serious personal injuries and equipment accidents. , So we must attach great importance to it. Only by continuously improving the professional and technical level of equipment maintenance personnel and making them proficient in equipment maintenance methods and skills can they ensure personal safety and good equipment performance, and promote the smooth development of enterprise production and operation.

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