Introduction to the use of electric glass suction cups


Today, the editor will introduce to you the use of electric glass suction cups, hoping to bring you some help.

1. Start the suction cup

Turn on the power switch on the control box, and the vacuum pump starts. First, the air in the accumulator is evacuated to ensure sufficient vacuum. When the pressure is lower than 50%, the sound and light alarm will alarm, and the vacuum pump will work automatically until the required vacuum is reached. pressure. When the pressure reaches the set pressure, the vacuum pump will automatically stop running to save power. At this time, the electric glass suction cup is in a ready state.

2. Suction cup positioning

Control the movement of the lifting equipment to make the glass suction cup close to the glass surface. At this time, the suction cup of the suction cup fully fits and seals the glass surface;

3. Glass adsorption

Push the manual hand slide valve on the operating handle, and how to use the electric suction cup. At this time, the suction cup is connected to the vacuum system, and the glass suction cup automatically adsorbs the glass. The vacuum pressure gauge will display the vacuum (pressure) at this time. When the pressure gauge shows up When the vacuum degree is 70% (-0.7kg/f), it means it can be transported. This process takes about 10-15 seconds; during the transporting process, when the vacuum pressure is less than 55% (display value: less than 55), the vacuum pump automatically pressurizes To 70% of the set value. When the number of automatic pressurization exceeds 4 times during the transportation, the system will judge that the number of vacuum restarts exceeds the limit. At this time, the air tightness of the machine and the suction cup should be checked. It can be used again after confirmation.

Main features of electric glass suction cups:

1. The electric glass suction cup adopts a negative pressure safe vacuum circuit and a negative pressure digital display. Compared with the traditional instrument display, the sensitivity is increased by 30%. The display is more accurate and intuitive, which guarantees the safety of glass suction to a large extent;

2. According to the needs of customers, use electric hand spin, electric hand spin, hand hand spin;

3. It can adapt to different glass sizes, is convenient and fast, and improves the efficiency of glass handling and installation.

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