Analysis of the cause of failure of the plate suction hoist


  Plate suction craneThe failure of the system is generally manifested as insufficient system vacuum, reduced weight lifting, and the steel plate is easy to fall off, so it cannot be used at this time. The electric sucker reminds that it is necessary to find the fault point and restore its performance as soon as possible. For this kind of failure, it is easy to use the troubleshooting method. Next, the editor will tell you in detail, let's take a look.

1. Vacuum pump parts

The operating state of the pump directly determines the working capacity of the plate suction crane, so the correct use and maintenance of the pump is very important. Otherwise, the working efficiency of the pump is greatly reduced. Common faults include insufficient pump pressure, exhaust mist, blue smoke, pump high temperature, loud noise, etc.

Cause Analysis:

1. Insufficient pressure: The pump cannot reach the ultimate pressure when the pump is working. Due to insufficient suction, the thick steel plate cannot be absorbed or often falls halfway, causing safety hazards and surface damage. The reason is that the air intake filter is blocked, the lubricating oil and lubricating oil are insufficient, the deterioration and deterioration, the blade or the pump body is worn.

2. There is oil mist and blue smoke at the exhaust port. The reason is: too much pump oil, the exhaust filter is blocked, and the return valve fails.

3. High temperature is mainly caused by poor cooling, insufficient lubricating oil, deterioration, deterioration or excessive oil.

4. Noise is mainly due to excessive wear of the vane pump body, which is generally accompanied by pressure drop.

Two, electromagnetic reversing valve

Due to the dust and structure of the production site, the valve is prone to malfunction and failure. Therefore, attention should be paid to maintenance.

Three, electric sucker

The suction cup is a kind of rubber product with strong abrasion resistance, but it is afraid that the ear will be deformed or broken due to hard pull, and abnormal damage will occur, which will affect its sealing performance and reduce its service life.

The above is about the analysis of the causes of the failure of the plate suction hoist. I hope to bring some help to everyone. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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