What are the important structural components of the vacuum hoist?


We should all know that vacuum hoist is a fast, safe and convenient automation equipment. In recent years, with the development of industrial warehousing and industrial production, the application of vacuum hoist has become more and more common, so everyone Do you know what some of its main structural components are?

1. Top rotator

Can rotate 360°; built-in one-way valve, when the power is suddenly cut off or the vacuum leaks, the sensor will start to prevent further vacuum leakage. The heavy object slowly dropped to the ground. The elbow adopts arc transition design to reduce air resistance, accelerate air flow, and quickly form a vacuum in the telescopic tube, making the equipment more sensitive. The elbow is made of 304, the end cover is made of aluminum alloy, and the rotating body is made of PE. The three materials are perfectly combined, with high strength and light weight.

Two, bag sucker

Specially designed for bag-like objects, the shell is made of 304 material, which is strong and durable; the sealing strip is available in a variety of special rubber materials, which perfectly fit the surface of the body. The three specifications of suction cups match different sizes and types of bags, the operation is more reliable and the safety factor is high.

3. Suction cup assembly

Designed for all kinds of cartons, plates, glass and other objects, including components such as aluminum alloy beams and suction cups. The aluminum alloy beam is durable and beautiful. The suction cup strip is made of nitrile rubber, which has a large suction force and a high safety factor. The fixed structure of the suction cup is made of 304 material, which completely bid farewell to rust and enhance the operating experience. Loosen the fastening handle, the distance between the suction cups can be adjusted, and it can move smoothly on the aluminum beam to match objects of different sizes. The two suction cups can be tilted 45° to perfectly fit the surface of the body. According to the material condition of the object, round suction cups or double suction cups of different specifications can also be selected. The suction cup assembly has a universal joint, which can be replaced between different suction cups within 20 seconds, and is suitable for handling different types of objects.

Fourth, the controller assembly

Using 304 material, the ascent and descent can be operated by the control lever to realize weightless transportation. There is a vacuum gauge on the front, which is easy to read and safer to operate. No-load balance regulating valve and full-load balance regulating valve are standard configurations, which can suspend the suction cup (no load) or heavy objects (full load) at any height in the air for a long time without falling. The standard handle has a length of 541 mm, which is slightly larger than the shoulder width, making it more comfortable to operate. Lift up the control lever, the object rises; press down the control lever, the object descends; reach the release position and fully press the control lever to release the object instantly. When fully loaded, the maximum lifting speed reaches 1 m/s. The ascent and descent speed can be adjusted by the strength of the control lever to achieve stepless speed change.

The vacuum hoist has a wide range of applications. It can easily stack boxes, or carry various plates, metals, glass, etc. It is not only easy, but also very safe, stable and fast. It is always your best solution to carry it with a vacuum hoist.

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